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Threatening message discovered against Sonia Villarreal Perez, Mayor of Piedras Negras

The message was discovered at the Cemetery wall reading, "#2 Sigues tu Sonia" translation: “You’re next Sonia #2”.

A message that directly threatens seating Mayor of Piedras Negras, Sonia Villarreal Perez was discovered on Tuesday afternoon at the wall of the Villa de Fuente cemetery. The message read, "#2 Sigues tu Sonia" translation: “You’re next Sonia #2”.

Sonia Villarreal Perez succeeded Fernando Puron Johnston as Mayor of Piedras Negras in 2018.

The recently deceased ex-mayor of Piedras Negras, Fernando Puron Johnston witnessed a very similar episode two years prior to his assassination stating, ‘in two years his head would be chopped off’, and in fact he was murdered at the time frame specified in the threat.

According to news sources, elements of the State Law Enforcement Agency; Fuerza Coahuila (Coahuila Force) quickly covered the name of the Mayor of Piedras Negras.

Sonia Villarreal Perez recently posted the following video in response to the murder of Fernando Puron Johnston on her facebook account.


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