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Source: EPHS teacher suspended after allegedly 'slapping' student

Eagle Pass, TX - A female Eagle Pass High School teacher has been suspended after parents of a student came forward and filed a report for her inappropriate behavior towards their daughter.

A confidential EPNL source indicates that the parent filed a complaint with the Eagle Pass Independent School District police department claiming that the teacher allegedly slapped the student.

The source further indicates that the teacher allegedly claims to repeatedly 'correct students behavior' through that method.

An EPISD official confirmed that the teacher was in fact suspended and an ongoing investigation is being conducted concerning the matter.

More information will be released as it becomes available.

Fuente: Suspenden a maestra de EPHS

tras supuestamente 'abofetear' a estudiante

Eagle Pass, TX - Una maestra de Eagle Pass High School fue suspendida después de que los padres de una estudiante se presentaran y presentaran un informe por su comportamiento inapropiado hacia su hija.

Una fuente confidencial de EPNL indica que los padres presentaron una denuncia ante el departamento de policía del Distrito Escolar Independiente de Eagle Pass alegando que la maestra supuestamente abofeteó a la estudiante.

La fuente indica, además, que la maestra afirma supuestamente "corregir el comportamiento de los estudiantes" en repetidas ocasiones a través de ese método.

Un funcionario de EPISD confirmó que, de hecho, la maestra fue suspendida y se está llevando a cabo una investigación sobre el asunto.

Se dará a conocer más información a medida que esté disponible.

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Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
09 בינו׳

It’s certainly very creepy that this happens in educational institutions. There was also a similar case in my college, but for some reason the teachers did not eliminate it. In fact, this teacher was not bad; I always asked him for help in writing literature. After this incident, when I found out what happened, I no longer ask for help from him, but only from the service, from which I still ask for help literature review. It’s sad that this teacher hasn’t been fired yet, it’s not imaginable that this would happen to the students.

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