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Maverick County Sheriff Department reports over $300,000 in net inmate housing revenues per month

(Press Release)

On the eve of the recent inspection of the Tom Bowles Detention Center, Maverick County Commissioners Court were informed that over $300,000.00 in net inmate housing revenue was recorded in the last month at Monday night’s meeting.

Over the last two months, the jail has produced an impressive $610,000.00, figures that exceeds the budgetary revenue expectations of $2.3 million for the entire year according to Chief Budget Officer, Maverick County Judge David Saucedo.

“We’re getting a lot of US Marshals inmates who are very pleased with the conditions of the jail which are great in accordance to jail standards,” stated Sheriff Tom Schmerber who is referring to high praise received from an inspection by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards last week, “They have been sending a steady amount of federal inmates both male and female.”

Schmerber also mentioned that the marshals, the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas Police Department and Webb County officials who continue to send inmates and have a good rapport with Jail Administrator and Warden Jaime Rios whose staff have worked hard to insure that the jail meets these standards.

“We have spoken to these organizations and agencies who say that in comparison to other facilities, this is one of the better jails they have contracts with,” closed the sheriff, “This is a testament to our warden and the performance of his staff who work very hard day in and day out.”

According to Budget Director Mario Rodriguez and Bookkeeper Ramon Gonzalez, the facility has produced excess inmate housing revenue to the tune of $1.6 million since October with six months remaining in this fiscal year.


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