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BEDC and UTSA to hold a Business Certification Workshop in Eagle Pass

Economic Development Committee (BEDC) and UTSA will hold a business certification workshop on June 7, 2018, 11:30 a.m.- 1 p.m., at the International Center for Trade (East Room).  This is the eighth business workshop held by the BEDC since October. 

This workshop will offer professional guidance for local businesses who have been struggling in sales and had a decrease in staff due to foreign competition.  Mario Neira, Project Manager of the Southwest Adjustment Assistance Center at UTSA, will lead the workshop and discuss federal assistance opportunities available for qualifying businesses.  

Mr. Morris Libson serves as the chairman for the Business & Economic Development Committee
“This is an outstanding opportunity for any local business wanting to increase sales and obtain free federal resources,” says BEDC Chairman Morris Libson.

There are several State and Federal government programs available to help struggling businesses by providing loans, technical assistance and training, and set-aside procurement opportunities.  

“The city council and I are very pleased that Eagle Pass continues to lead the way in supporting locally owned businesses,” says Mayor Ramsey English-Cantu.  “I encourage every local business owner and their staff to take full advantage of these free workshops,” adds Mayor English-Cantu. 

The BEDC has been holding business workshops since last October in efforts to create awareness of the various State and Federal resources available to strengthen the local and regional economy. 

The BEDC has scheduled workshops throughout 2018 and is also providing technical assistance to individual businesses within Eagle Pass.

To register for the BEDC-UTSA Workshop please email

or call 210.960.4340, ext.102.

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