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$9.6M Hyatt hotel coming to Eagle Pass

Eagle Pass, TX - Mayor Rolando Salinas, Jr. and the City Council would like to welcome the new Hyatt Hotel to Eagle Pass. Today, the City of Eagle Pass announced plans for the construction of a new Hyatt Hotel in Eagle Pass.

The hotel will be part of a new $9.6 million investment and will be located on Patsy Winn Boulevard right next door to the City of Eagle Pass Patsy Winn Sports Complex. The new multimillion-dollar investment by Los Amigos, LLC composed by well known entrepreneurs Oscar De los Santos, Gabriel De los Santos and Saul Rodriguez will generate twenty-five new jobs in our community.

Additionally, the major investment will soon bring other retail and restaurant establishments to our area. The new Hyatt Hotel will feature an all-suite extended stay hotel that features contemporary accommodations and customizable guest room design. The new 17,000 square foot hotel in Eagle Pass will house 100 guest rooms across its four floors. The hotel will also feature a conference room, an executive meeting room, swimming pool, fitness center and a bar.

The City of Eagle Pass - Economic Development Department continues to recruit new businesses through the execution of Chapter 380 Agreements and now with the assistance of Commissioners Court will also utilize Chapter 381. The Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 380/381, allows municipalities and counties the authority to create and provide economic development programs using loans and grants.

This allows for the City of Eagle Pass and County to facilitate business activity by diversifying the tax base, attracting new quality jobs, retaining and growing local industries and developing the existing workforce.

"The City of Eagle Pass would like to commend local owners Los Amigos, LLC with their $9.6 million investment in our community. The City's focus remains to expand tourism and recruit a diverse group of businesses to our region. The City pledges to make Eagle Pass a destination for people from across the US and Mexico to visit and can achieve this by offering more hotel rooms to our visitors," said Mayor Rolando Salinas, Jr.

"On behalf of the City of Eagle Pass, we are grateful to work with Los Amigos, LLC on the opening of the new Hyatt Hotel in Eagle Pass. This major investment will complement all of the other economic development projects taking place in our great City," said Ivan Morua, Interim City Manager. "The new Hyatt Hotel is extremely essential for not only creating new jobs but also for achieving economic prosperity in our City".

For more information on this and any other economic development opportunity please contact Arturo Marquez, Economic Development Director at amarquez@eaglepassts us or by phone at (830) 773-1111 ext. 2003.

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