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Where to go vote on Super Tuesday in Maverick County?

Eagle Pass, TX - Super Tuesday has kicked off since 7am today, and most people know where to go vote, however, some have no clue.

Voters are urged to cast their vote from 7am to 7pm today, being election day.

Super Tuesday, is a very important day not only locally but state-wide and nation-wide, you will have the opportunity to vote for your candidate of choice varying from candidates for the U.S. Presidency, Congress, Senate, State Reps, local Commissioners and Constables.

For those wanting to cast their vote on the republican primary it is simple with just two locations; one serving precincts 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D at Templo Cristiano Sinai located in 542 N Monroe St. and the other one in Quemado, Texas serving Precinct 3C voters at the Quemado Assembly of God church.

For the democratic primary these are the 13 locations:

Precinct 1A: Colegio Biblico 264 N. Brazos S.

Precinct 1-B: Fire Station #2 2420 Second St.

Precinct 1-C: Memorial Jr. High (Gym) 1800 Lewis St.

Precinct 2-A: Benavides Highs Elementary 1750 A. Mesa Drive

Precinct 2-B: San Luis Elementary 2090 A Williams St.

Precinct 2-C: Rosita Valley Elementary 735 Rosita Valley Rd.

Precinct 2-D: El Indio Community Center 115 West Texas

Precinct 3-A: Glass Elementary 1501 Boehmer Ave.

Precinct 3-B: Seco Mines Elementary 2900 Diaz St.

Precinct 3-C: Quemado Community Center 20160 US Hwy 277

Precinct 4-A: Maverick County Courthouse 500 Quarry St.

Precincts 4-B & 4-C: St. Joseph’s Parish Hall 800 Comal St.

Precinct 4-D: Henry B. Gonzalez 400 Balcones Blvd.


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