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VIDEO: Texas officer pulls gun on kids cursing at him

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Officer has been placed on desk duty while internal investigation under process

EL PASO, TX - A witness video captured police officer pointing gun at children during an arrest of a teenager.

The video was posted on Facebook and went viral, the actions of El Paso Police Officer are under investigation to determine if the police department’s policies were violated.

While the Officer was responding to a neighbor’s report of a teenager carrying a revolver, children present at the location attempted to interfere with his duties, the officer briefly pointed his gun at those who approached him.

The El Paso Police Department issued a press release: "On Thursday July 5th, officers responded to the area of 6700 block of Sambrano on a criminal trespass call. A series of events unfolded while the officers were handling the call and culminated with the situation that was captured on video and posted on social media sites. The Department’s Internal Affairs Unit is conducting an investigation of the incident. Additional resources have been allocated to assist in expediting the investigation. The involved officer, a 4 - year veteran stationed at the Central Regional Command Center has been assigned desk duties pending the investigation. "

The officer is captured in the same video pushing a girl to the side. The officer has been placed on desk duty for the time being, while investigations outcomes are specified.

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