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Olga Ramos announces candidacy for Precinct 3 County Commissioner

Olga Ramos has authorized the Eagle Pass News Leader to announce her candidacy for Maverick County Precinct 3 County Commissioner in the election set for March 3, 2020.

Olga loves and cares about Maverick County because it’s home. She is a proud wife, mother, business owner, and a community life long volunteer. Her passion for hard work began at a young age, raised by a humble and loving family. She began working as a sales clerk at the mall, to agriculture fieldwork, teacher, legal field and business owner.


Olga's proudest accomplishments is her family, married to her High School Sweetheart for 33 years, a local attorney, former US Army Major and Maverick County Attorney for 13 years. They have 4 children:

RICARDO JR served as a US Marine for 6 years and an Attorney and founder of The Ramos & Torres Law Firm, LLC.

RUBEN graduated from TEXAS TECH Univ.with a Business Degree and is now on his 2nd year LAW Student at St. Mary’s LAW School.

DAVID working towards his BA Degree.

JANEL is a Freshmen at EPHS.


VOICE FOR THE PEOPLE IN PCT 3. We will no longer be silent and ignored.

TRANSPARENT Government is a must.

FUNDING: I will find innovative/creative (Public/private intergovernmental partnerships) agreements to fund the much needed projects for improvement.

BUILD & DEVELOP infrastructure for growth.


  • Barrera Street Bridge

  • Roads and Streets

  • Community Center

  • Proper Tire Disposing

  • Stop wasteful spending

  • Improve: Airport, water conditions, Flooding Zones, Quality of Life


For more than 20 years I have worked as an administrator of the Ramos Law Firm and founded a company. Yes, there are many needs in our precinct and I have decided to give them another option as commissioner. I want PCT 3 residents to have VOICE in commissioners court.


More than 30 years serving my community as:

  • EPISD Education Foundation Board Member

  • EP 4H Club Manager

  • MCJLS Grant Writer, Photography Committee President

  • MCJLS Pageant Director

  • EPHS: Lady Eagles Softball Booster Officer

  • ACTS Community Member

Past Member / Officer of the following Organizations:

  • Eagle Pass Evening Lions Club

  • Candles for Life

  • EPISD Seco Mines / Graves / Glass PTO and Sports Coach

  • EP Youth Soccer Association

  • US Army Dept of Defense Dependent Schools

  • US Army USARSO Community Volunteer

  • US Army South Panama Mayor Housing Comm. Fort Amador

  • US Army Family Support Leadership Training

I want to Thank GOD for giving me the courage to step forward and give the residents of PCT 3 a POSITIVE option for Commissioner of PCT 3.

I am HUMBLY urging you—to PARTNER up and join me, to INVEST in the future of our precinct. If you give me the opportunity to serve you, and we will be successful in this round, I promise you that I will not fail you! VAMOS CON OLGA RAMOS!

Paid Political Advertisement by the Candidate.


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