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Nine short fairy tales classics to be presented at CC Winn Auditorium on Friday

(PRESS RELEASE) Nine short fairy tale classics will be presented on Friday, June 29th at 7 p.m. and again at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 30th on the stage of the C.C. Winn Auditorium.  Tickets are now on sale for only $5 per person at the Chamber of Commerce and may also be purchased at the door at both performances.

The nine short plays to be presented include “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” “The Sleeping Beauty,” “Thumbelina,” “Puss in Boots,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “The Little Red Hen,” “The Three Little Pigs,” “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” and “The Ugly Duckling.”

Producing his 24th children’s theater workshop presentation is Adolfo Flores Jr., who just completed his 30th year as a theater director with EPISD.  Directing the plays this year are college students Grecia De La Cerda, Isaias Galan and Diego Iruegas.  Former Winn graduate and recently certified teacher Vanessa Jurado instructed workshop students in the various areas of theater, including improvisation and the theatrical designing of costumes, makeup and set.  Recent EPHS graduate Alyssa Perales also worked with students on theater techniques and acting games.

The 24th Children’s Theater Workshop Company also included: The C.C. Winn Drama Club & A.C.E.P. Present The 24th Children’s Theater Workshop Presents: “Bedtime Stories:  Part Two”

Cast of Characters: “The Sleeping Beauty” Directed by Grecia De La Cerda Queen – Ana Lucia Hernandez King – Patricio Sierra Wicked Fairy – Diana Ayers-Briseño Fairy 1 – Sophia Hobbs Fairy 2 – Marianna Biddle Fairy 3 – Fabiola Cumpian Good Fairy – Kassandra Urteaga Princess – Alexa Rivera Prince – Jacob Frausto

“Puss In Boots” Directed by Isaias Galan Puss – Sebastian Menchaca Miller’s Son – Rooel Urteaga King – Adan Melchor Princess – Ella Pitts Ogre/Servant – Traci Leos Ogre – Hannah Hardt

“The Three Little Pigs” Directed by Diego Iruegas Narrator- Belen Saldana First Little Pig – Adan Melchor Second Little Pig – Dominic De La Cruz Third Little Pig – Angelo Baily Mother Pig – Galilea Martinez Wolf – Cristian Mata

“Goldilocks and Three Bears” Directed by Grecia De La Cerda Narrator- Sophia Hobbs Goldilocks – Fabiola Cumpian Daddy Bear – Jacob Frausto Mummy Bear – Diana Ayers-Briseño Baby Bear – Patricio Sierra

“Little Red Riding Hood” Directed by Isaias Galan Mother – Traci Leos Father – Adan Melchor Little Red Riding Hood – Hannah Hardt Wolf – Sebastian Menchaca Grandmother – Ella Pitts Woodcutter – Rooel Urteaga

“The Three Billy Goats Gruff” Directed by Diego Iruegas Narrator – Rebecca Cumpian Little Billy Goat – Ana Lucia Hernandez Middle Billy Goat – Michael Garcia Biggest Billy Goat – Dominic De La Cruz Troll – Cristian Mata

“Thumbelina” Directed by Grecia De La Cerda Narrator- Sophia Hobbs Thumbelina – Marianna Biddle Toad, Beetle – Patricio Sierra Fish – Alexa Riveral Butterfly – Diana Ayers Briseno Field Mouse – Kassandra Urteaga Swallow – Jacob Frausto Mole – Cristian Mata

“Little Red Hen” Directed by Isaias Galan Little Red Hen – Traci Leos Cat – Ella Pitts Dog – Hannah Hardt Rat – Rooel Urteaga Miller – Michael Garcia

“The Ugly Duckling” Directed by Diego Iruegas Narrator – Dominic De La Cruz Ugly Duckling – Ana Lucia Hernandez Other Duckling #1, Swan #1 – Michael Garcia Other Duckling #2, Swan #2 – Belen Saldana Other Duckling- Delilah Martinez Farm Animal #1:  Angelo Bailey Farm Animal #2 – Rebecca Cumpian Swan #3- Adan Melchor

Production Staff: Theater Workshop Director – Adolfo Flores Jr. Theater Instructor – Vanessa Jurado Assistant Theater Instructor – Alyssa Perales Makeup and Hair- Cristian Garza Sound Technician – Brianna Valadez

Back Stage Assistants: Michelle Ayers-Briseño Paulina Cumpian Alejandra Valdez Gustavo Montalvo Claudia De La Cerda


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