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Late Filing Candidate rejected at Maverick County Hospital District

Press Release from Maverick County Hospital District CEO: It was brought to my attention there may have been an oversight on our Notice of the Election.

I have spoken to Mrs. Melanie Best of the SOS Election Division, following up on her email below and she reiterated that the information below is final and Candidate Humberto Duran is not considered valid as he came to register on August 21st. She also said he can qualify to be a write in.

She stated there was several calls into the Election Division with the same mistaken and wondered how we got wrong date if we saw it on the website. I told her I calculated the dates with a holiday in the middle.

She said sorry that the holiday did not change the deadline.

I have notified Humberto Duran of my oversight and of his rights to sign up for write in. At this time there are only four candidates : Adolfo Olivares, Ronald Hixson, Aaron Valdez, and Joaquin Menchaca.

Mrs. Melanie Best of the SOS Election Office is open to taking calls if needed but that we had to follow statute.

I want to take the time to apologize for this mistake as I understand it is unfair to Mr. Humberto Duran. I made the decision to not hire an temporary election administrative assistant as I thought I could oversee and take care of this and at no time was this an intention action. I am deeply sorry and I whole heartily apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone in our community.


Terri Patlan-Contreras

MCHD Chief Executive Officer


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