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Infant dies tragically after locked in vehicle for hours on Wednesday

A 6-month old infant was pronounced deceased at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center shortly after 6 p.m. today Wednesday after doctors tried valiantly to save the young girl's life from dehydration and heat exposure.

The tragic death was the result of being left in a locked pickup truck during the brutal heat of Wednesday in the EPHS parking lot.

At this early stage of the investigation, unofficially it is being said the father of infant girl is employed with EPISD possibly as a coach. It is believed he forgot to drop off his daughter at child care services and the victim could have been locked in the vehicle since the morning when school classes began.

The initial call for assistance to first responders was received from a woman at around 4:30 p.m.

Eagle Pass PD detectives are investigating the case and the parents of the deceased child were detained as was the vehicle for evidence.

Temperatures on Wednesday topped out at 100 degrees or slightly higher and inside a locked vehicle can soar rapidly to life threatening levels.


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