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Florida: 21-hour hostage situation, results death of 4 children and 35-year old man, officer injured

Gary Lindsey Jr. (35 years old) held 2 kids of his own and 2 others hostage, resulting murder of the children and himself.

ORLANDO, FL- The situation started at approximately 11:45 PM Sunday, June 9, when police officers from the Orlando Police Department responded to a call from Mr. Lindsey's girlfriend, stating that she had been battered after an argument, according to authorities.

As officers attempted to confront the suspect, shots were fired, resulting in an "very serious and significant injury," according to the statement of the Orlando Chief of Police. The officer remains in critical condition according to the Chief. Police fired back at suspect.

Officers continuously attempted to negotiate to have the children released for a lapse of 21 hours, but failed to accomplish the goal. Elements of the SWAT team entered at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Monday, after becoming aware that at least one children was dead.

“That’s when we decided to start our plans to make entry and try to rescue the rest of the children,” Chief Mina said, “a very tragic and sad ending.”

Lindsay had been previously arrested for arson and domestic violence. He had been arrested four more times for violating his terms of probation according to reports.

When officers entered the apartment complex where the hostage situation took place, Lindsay was discovered dead along with the 4 children; ages 1, 6, 10 and 11. Two of the children were his and the others two belonged to someone else.

According to the Chief John Mina, it is unclear when the children were killed.


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