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EPISD highlights April's Teacher of the Month Mrs. Jessica Garza from Seco Mines Elementary

Eagle Pass Independent School District has partnered with local businesses throughout our city to highlight the Teacher of the Month program, which honors educators who have made a difference in our community. The program recognizes outstanding kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school teachers in Eagle Pass, Texas.

April's Teacher of the Month is none other than Seco Mines Elementary's Mrs. Jessica Garza. Mrs. Garza has been an educator for 15 years and is currently a 4th grade teacher in Miner Country. She has the innate ability to create a love of learning in all students, no matter the abilities or background. Mrs. Garza motivates her students with incentives, enthusiasm, and most importantly, love. She sets high expectations for all students and it shows in the students' monthly I-station reports.

Mrs. Garza is in constant communication with parents and together they work together to help the students succeed. Her knowledge of content is very evident as seen by her student growth and development of instruction. As a Reading teacher, she promotes learning through stations and assessments.

Mrs. Garza goes above and beyond for her students, her campus, and her colleagues. This was aptly shown when she earned a grant for "Science on Wheels" that not only benefited her students, but all at Seco Mines. She is always willing to share her knowledge and teaching methods. She is always happy and it is obvious to all those that are fortunate to meet and work with her that she has a deep, profound love for her craft. Her love for her students and the art of teaching, is what makes her students and colleagues grow. For all these reasons and more, Mrs. Jessica Garza is Teacher of the Month.

A segment will appear on iVision throughout the month of February detailing many more accomplishments of Mrs. Garza. This month she will also appear on community media, news publications and the EPISD website throughout April 2022 A teacher will be selected each month through May 2022 for a total of eight (8) honorees. The “Teacher of the Month” will be chosen based on educational achievements in the classroom, community contributions and innovative programs and techniques used by the teacher. The “Teacher of the Month” will receive a certificate of recognition and will be featured on iVision, local media news, news publications and radio broadcasting. Additionally, each “Teacher of the Month” will receive donations from local businesses.

Each T.O.M is receiving a “V.I.T (Very Important Teacher) Parking Pass”, a jean voucher for a month, Chick-fil-A Gift Card, and Class Cash to purchase class room supplies. Additionally, each “Teacher of the Month” will receive donations from local businesses.

Thank You Border Federal Credit Union, Ashley Furniture, Liberty Barbecue, EPISD Spirit Ambassadors, and Peter Piper Pizza.

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Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
Jan 09

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