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EPISD: Graduation Tips and Procedures

TIP 1: With close to 500 seniors graduating from both high schools traffic can become over-whelming. Also, construction from CC Winn to the SAC is at an all time high right now.

This is why we are highly suggesting for guests to use the alternate route to the Student Activity Center. Taking Loop 480 to 277 will help break up traffic in front of the Student Activity Center and help the process of allowing vehicles in and out of the parking lot. Car pooling is also advised.

TIP 2: Dress Code! All students participating in the graduation ceremonies must be compliant with school dress code policy. Any student not in compliance will not be allowed to participate. This includes no markings, messages, or labels on the cap or the gown. And finally, high heels are absolutely not allowed on the field! Girls may only wear flat-footed shoes.

Tip 3: Certain items are absolutely not allowed on the field! Backpacks, purses, sacs, or bags of any kind cannot be brought in by the graduate. No foreign objects like beach balls, balloons, air horns, or confetti cannons are not allowed on the field. If you are caught with one you will be dismissed and may cause for the entire ceremony to be cancelled! And of course TELECOMMUNICATION devices like phones and cameras are prohibited infield during graduation ceremony. Selfies on the stage when you are receiving your diploma is strictly not allowed.

Tip 4: All students must line up on the field already in cap and gown for procession. Every student is expected to behave appropriately and act respectfully towards all the people there to honor them. If behavior becomes an issue the student will be dismissed from the ceremony and they will have to pick up their diploma on the next business day at their home campus.

Tip 5: The last bit of information is in case of inclement of weather. If there is rain on graduation day, the EPHS' ceremony will be moved to 10:00 am Saturday and for Winn it would be moved to Sunday June 10th. So, if it is raining the day of your assigned graduation please tune into your local radio station, watch channel 16 or call your campus to receive further details.

Graduation is an important time in a graduate's life and if we follow all these tips and procedures the class of 2018’s graduation is sure to be one for record books!

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