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EP woman arrested after driving drunk at 120 mph in possession of MJ, Police say

Eagle Pass, TX - She was reportedly going 120 miles per hour when a patrolman stopped a woman who in a state of intoxication was traveling in her 2020 Ford Mustang.

The woman was seen in an area close to El Indio highway and Tierra Soberana, a road that gives access to the nearby Rosita Valley area and the Kickapoo Tribe reserve.

The female was identified as 20-year-old Samanta Alicia Martínez and despite she disobeyed the instructions of the Sheriff's patrol unit who attempted to stop her and was able to get to her home, she failed to completely evade her arrest.

Martinez was taken into custody, at a residence located in Winchester Street. According to reports, the woman showed alcohol intoxication, and possessed a package with marijuana in her vehicle in an amount established as personal consumption.

However, for driving irresponsibly she will be charged with DWI, therefore will be prosecuted at the hands of a judge, said Sheriff Tom Schmerber who highlighted the intervention of the patrol car that prevented a possible serious accident.

Mujer de EP arrestada después de conducir ebria a 120 mph en posesión de Marihuana, dice la policía

Eagle Pass, TX - Según informes, iba a 120 millas por hora cuando un patrullero detuvo a una mujer que, en estado de embriaguez, viajaba en su Ford Mustang 2020.

La mujer fue vista en un área cercana a la carretera El Indio y Tierra Soberana, una carretera que da acceso al área cercana de Rosita Valley y la reserva de la tribu Kickapoo.

La mujer fue identificada como Samanta Alicia Martínez, de 20 años y a pesar de que desobedeció las instrucciones de la unidad de patrulla del Sheriff que intentó detenerla y pudo llegar a su casa, no logró evadir por completo su arresto.

Martínez fue detenida, en una residencia ubicada en Winchester Street. Según los reportes, la mujer mostró intoxicación por alcohol y poseía un paquete con marihuana en su vehículo en una cantidad establecida como consumo personal.

Sin embargo, por conducir de manera irresponsable será acusada de DWI, y por lo tanto será procesada a manos de un juez, dijo el alguacil Tom Schmerber quien destacó la intervención de la patrulla que evitó un posible accidente grave.

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May 09

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the compelling reasons to quit alcohol, as impaired judgment can lead to reckless and potentially life-threatening behavior. Choosing sobriety not only ensures personal safety but also promotes responsible decision-making, ultimately contributing to a safer community for everyone.

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