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District Attorney Roberto Serna Target of Death Threat

Eagle Pass, TX - Criminal court proceedings are dragging along slowly today in Maverick County under very tight security after district attorney Roberto Serna became the target of a death threat.

According to confidential sources the death threat was made by an as of yet unidentified person from Zavala County.

The threat is being taken very seriously and police officers were stationed in and around the 293rd Judicial Courtroom, where a visiting Judge Saldana from San Antonio was presiding, heavily armed with automatic weapons.

District attorney Serna has been the long time prosecutor for the 293rd and 365th Judicial Districts of Texas which cover the counties of Maverick, Dimmit and Zavala. Over the years Serna has become known as a fair but firm prosecutor whose office has successfully removed thousands of criminals from the streets of this tri-county area.

As details of this ongoing breaking news story develop look to the Eagle Pass News Leader to keep you informed.


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