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Editorial: An Endorsement. And now the rest of the story . . .

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

We don't know what a Yum Yum is or recognize the tree it grows on. Honestly, it sounds like something perverted a closeted politico would sneak off to San Antonio on weekends or across the bridge daily to partake in for self gratification. YUMMY!!!

Nonetheless Ramsey's campaign is exclusively obsessed with labeling salaries to deliver services to citizens, residents and voters as WASTEFUL spending, so it is appropriate here to examine what he and his political advisors are actually suggesting with their campaign platform.

But first voters should be reminded that when Ramsey was Mayor of Eagle Pass he WASTEFULLY spent taxpayers' money to hold an election in which his goal was to have his $120 yearly pay raised to a yearly salary of somewhere in the neighborhood of $120,000.00. What a shameful act of arrogant greed. We shall never forget!!!

Now let's get into ThinkerBelle's fantasies of yum yums dancing in his head.

Ramsey says having a duly elected sheriff to enforce criminal laws and maintain the peace in our civilized community is just a WASTE of taxpayers' money. Ramsey does not stop there. He wants to eliminate only the duly elected Precinct 3 constable law enforcement agency because according to him it is a WASTE to have this layer of law enforcement protection in this portion of Maverick County. Is Ramsey soft on crime? Is Ramsey running as the "Defund the Police" candidate? Perhaps so!!! As Mayor, Ramsey opposed firefighters and police officers when they wanted to negotiate a civil service agreement with the City of Eagle Pass. His political track record is clear that he does oppose police officers and fire fighters who deliver some of the most basic government services to our citizens and voters.

Ramsey's fantasies don't stop with eliminating law enforcement. His platform states he wants to eliminate the duly elected commissioners of Precincts 1 and 2 and leave half of Maverick County citizens and voters without a voice at the Commissioners Court table!!!

And for citizens, residents and voters across the county, Ramsey is running on a platform that services provided by the Road and Bridge department are a WASTE of money and ThinkerBelle promises to curtail these services with the dismissal of the department's supervisors.

All told Ramsey is proposing elimination of at least 18 departments within county government which provide basic services to our community. Also included in ThinkerBelle's fantasies are the duly elected county treasurer position, county auditor, duly elected tax collector, legal counselors, planning department, human resources, and food pantry. His head targeting axe is also directly aimed at 29 employees, former employees or service providers who work to deliver county services to voters.

Since we can logically assume TinkerBelle Ramsey is not interested in planting a whole flower bed of his own Yum Yum Daisies to WASTE taxpayers' money, we must ask the question who is going to provide all these necessary services to county taxpayers? One thing for sure it won't be TinkerBelle Ramsey since he has never worked a day in his life.

History is written by the winners and Ramsey you are a loser. You were trounced last time out in the State Representative race and we all remember the 6 to 1 drubbing you took trying to pay yourself $120,000.00 to cut ribbons. You cannot rewrite history. It is in the books!!!

History is written by winners and real men like County Judge David R. Saucedo who took on the near impossible task of rescuing Maverick County from bankruptcy and returning the County to financial stability. You Ramsey plunged the City of Eagle Pass $145-million in debt. This is debt our grandchildren's grandchildren will still be struggling to pay off years down the road.

Voters should overwhelmingly keep County Judge David R. Saucedo on the job always working for them.


Carol Howard
Carol Howard
Jan 21

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Feb 18, 2022

Wow... the blatant homophobia in this whole article is just disgusting. EP News Leader you should be ashamed of yourself for this. One thing is to attack an opponent for their policies, but to attack an opponent due to their sexual orientation is just a whole other level and it is abhorrent. This blatant discrimination will definitely encourage me to NOT vote for Saucedo since it is clear that he is the type of man that would allow for this type of behavior to occur. Sickening...

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