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3-Decades-Old Bullying Allegation Drives ISD Superintendent in Katy Texas to Resign

Despite signing a $375,000 yearly contract, Hindt has resigned from his position as Katy ISD's Superintendent

Katy, TX - In a Katy ISD work study board meeting back in May, School Superintendent Lance Hindt was accused by his alleged victim of bullying, back in middle school. Hindt issued a statement denying the allegation, stating the claim “simply isn’t true.”

Greg Barrett, a businessman from the Katy-area, took floor during the board meeting's public forum and claimed that the District’s highest-ranking official previously bullied him. Mr. Barrett, who’s legal name is Greg Gay, now uses his mother’s maiden name after being bullied for his legal last name, stated that Hindt had “once shoved his head into a boy’s urinal”.

Hindt made fun of the allegation as the man addressed the School Board. The Superintendent issued a statement on the following day, saying the claim “simply isn’t true.”

"As superintendent in three school districts in Texas, I have always tried to create an environment where every student is safe — physically and emotionally. But when an individual impugns my character and reputation as the instigator of those actions, I am disappointed because it simply is not true," Hindt said in a written statement.

The accusations have hunted Hindt and additional allegations rose involving alleged victims and witnesses of his bullying. Surprisingly, an Alabama Judge interviews stated, when in school with Hindt he witnessed similar situations referred to the School Official as a, “vicious bully.”

Hindt had signed a $375,000 yearly contract back in 2016 to run the Katy ISD. Now, two years later Hindt has issued a resignation statement allegedly due to the "organized and relentless and dishonest smear campaign against him."

"In light of an organized and relentless and dishonest smear campaign against me, I cannot remain as superintendent of Katy ISD. My family is now my number one priority. They are innocent bystanders. This malicious campaign against me is hurting them severely and I cannot allow it any further," Hindt said. "I love Katy. But there is a vicious ugliness in the ruthless attacks that I and others have endured. My prayer is this community, the silent majority, comes together and never allows something like this to happen again."

The video of the incident captured national news, you can watch it below:


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