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Mayor-elect Rolando Salinas to take office next Monday

Eagle Pass, TX - A special ceremony has been scheduled at the City of Eagle Pass City Hall Chambers next Monday. Attorney Rolando Salinas officially takes his position as Mayor of Eagle Pass, by taking his oath in a ceremony scheduled at 5pm before the City Secretary.

Asked about his new facet, the elected mayor indicated that he is ready to face the challenge but willing to collaborate with all the entities that contribute to the development of the community, such as the county, the hospital, the school and also the Kickapoo tribe.

Regarding the relationship with seating Mayor Luis Sifuentes, Salinas said that they remain in good terms, "he has shown himself willing to offer his support."

He addressed the voters who favored him, thanked them for their confidence in electing him as their municipal representative and to those who did not, "I will simply ask them to have confidence because we will work for everyone, so that Eagle Pass can move forward", Mayor-elect Rolando Salinas said.

El alcalde electo Rolando Salinas asumirá el cargo el próximo lunes

Eagle Pass, TX - Se ha programado una ceremonia especial en las salas del ayuntamiento de la ciudad de Eagle Pass el próximo lunes. El abogado Rolando Salinas asume oficialmente su cargo de alcalde de Eagle Pass, al prestar juramento en una ceremonia programada para las 5 de la tarde ante el secretario de la ciudad.

Consultado sobre su nueva faceta, el alcalde electo indicó que está listo para enfrentar el desafío pero dispuesto a colaborar con todas las entidades que contribuyen al desarrollo de la comunidad, como el condado, el hospital, la escuela y también la tribu Kickapoo.

Respecto a la relación con el alcalde titular Luis Sifuentes, Salinas dijo que siguen en buenos términos, "se ha mostrado dispuesto a ofrecer su apoyo".

Se dirigió a los electores que lo favorecieron, les agradeció su confianza al elegirlo como su representante municipal y a los que no lo hicieron, "Simplemente les pediré que tengan confianza porque trabajaremos para todos, para que Eagle Pass pueda salir adelante". ", Dijo el alcalde electo Rolando Salinas.


lekor adams
lekor adams
Mar 25

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Sep 06, 2022

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