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Ignacio 'Nacho' Saucedo announces candidacy for School Board

Ignacio J. "Nacho" Saucedo, candidate to the Eagle Pass ISD Board of Trustees, Place 3 has authorized the Eagle Pass News Leader to announce his candidacy.

Mr. Saucedo is the son of the late former County Judge Ramon Saucedo, Jr. and retired long-time educator Veronica Roman Saucedo. He has one sister, Leticia, and three brothers, Ricardo, Patricio, and David. Nacho is a 1996 graduate of Eagle Pass High School and attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he majored in Latin American Studies. While at UNLV, he was selected as a member of the University Studies Abroad Consortium, where he continued his studies at the Universidad Ibero Americana in Puebla, Mexico.

Nacho is currently employed by the Maverick County Sheriff's Office as a grant administrator. He previously served on the Eagle Pass ISD Board of Trustees as President, Secretary, and Trustee from 2010-2016 and is a former member of the National Association of Latino Elected Officials. Prior to serving on the board, he was elected Maverick County Democratic Party Chair. And while he has since remained a strong Democratic activist and advocate, his commitment to education remains at the forefront.

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to have previously served the residents of Maverick County and I am proud of the record we established in those six years. My record is one that placed a renewed focus on creating opportunities for student success. We fought for respectable wages for our auxiliary staff and paraprofessionals as well as our teachers and campus administrators. We advocated for greater transparency and constantly sought to provide a voice when public concerns were raised. What we were able to establish during my tenure was a district that invested heavily in building renovations to provide a safe learning environment. We did our part to keep up with evolving technological needs and we met the calls for an early college and magnet program."

But we know that our work was never finished.

"You see, our idea was never to allow a culture of fear to permeate in the district where employees were scared to voice opinion for fear of losing their jobs. Our idea was not turn your district into a hiring agency for family. Our idea of sound leadership was to handle issues accordingly rather than look the other way. Most importantly, our idea of a strong district is one that can manage your money effectively and not place unnecessary burden on our taxpayers."

“It is time to get away from these issues that have hindered true progress at the district and it's time to renew our focus on efforts for those that need help the most, on a level most impactful. I have often spoken about creating smarter generations and intelligent workforces because I see the need to create an educated population that can compete on whatever level, be it at a vocational school, junior college, university, or straight into the workforce. Now more than ever, it is crucial that the investments made by our district are sound and are ones that drive us forward rather than cater to just a select few. Yes, I applaud the efforts in creating an early college and magnet programs, but I also know that our efforts must be placed from the ground up rather than the top down. That's why I am renewing my calls for a concentration on strong literacy programs from a young age that will serve as the cornerstone to developing comprehensive and critical thinking skills necessary for scholastic success. "

"This campaign isn’t based around a hidden agenda. My decision to seek office doesn’t involve personal vendetta that would replace hardworking employees for doing their job. The other candidate can’t say the same. I chose to run because I care about the future of our community and my commitment is to serve you and only you. Moreover, I'm committed to seeing that these opportunities for success we all work towards are attainable by all. I humbly ask for your vote and support in the upcoming election. Early voting commences October 22, 2018 through November 02, 2018 at the Multi-Purpose Center. Election Day is November 06, 2018. Again, I thank you for the opportunity you have given me in the past and I look forward to serving you once again."

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