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Governor looking into paying "best teachers" in Texas a six-figure salary

New Braunfels, TX - Governor Greg Abbott held an education roundtable on Monday in New Braunfels, Texas, aimed at developing ideas to improve education across the state.

The roundtable, which took place at Church Hill Middle School, was held with educators, administrators and local elected officials, and allowed the Governor to discuss proposals designed to reform education in Texas by elevating the teaching profession and focusing on student outcomes. Teachers and education professionals also shared their ideas and best practices for how to improve education in Texas.

“The educators that participated in today’s roundtable did what they do best, they taught us what we need to know to improve our schools in Texas,” said Governor Abbott. “As we approach this next legislative session, one of my top goals is to improve education by investing more in our teachers and students. I look forward to taking the examples and ideas provided by tremendous educators at Church Hill Middle school back to the Capitol to begin hammering out some very meaningful solutions."

In the roundtable, a teacher addressed her concerns, " We teachers need to get paid more just because of what the profession entails, so it's a great idea, it's great in theory, now how are we going to make it happen."

Governor Greg Abbott emphasized his interest in providing 'best educators' in the State of Texas with a possible six-figure salary without any burden on homeowners, money would come from state dollars.

"I'm talking about strategies where the state will be providing the money, not robbing Peter to pay Paul, not putting additional burden on homeowners by increased taxes," said Abbott.

Despite his strong interest in this idea, the definition of "best educator" was not described, nor the selection process or qualifications to be a candidate for the $100,000 teacher 'dream job'.

Monday's event was the first of two education roundtables hosted by Governor Abbott. On Wednesday, he spoke with educators and administrators at Solar Preparatory School for Girls in Dallas, Texas.


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