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29-year-old Aaron Valdez announces candidacy for Hospital District Board

Young and energetic businessman and entrepreneur Aaron Valdez has authorized the Eagle Pass News Leader to formally announce his candidacy for a seat on the Maverick County Hospital District board of directors.

The 29-year-old son of Rito and Sonia Valdez, the patriarchs of the family funeral home businesses Memorial Funeral Chapels in Eagle Pass and Socorro Funeral Home in Piedras Negras, Aaron and his brother county treasurer Rito Valdez III are increasingly assuming larger roles in the family business. Aaron is also diversifying out into other business interests, particularly environmentally friendly, energy saving solar panels installations for commercial and residential electricity consumers. His successful solar panel business, Smart Energy Solution serves the Eagle Pass, Maverick County and surrounding communities.

As the grandson of the late beloved former mayor of Piedras Negras, Rito Valdez Sr., Aaron told the Eagle Pass News Leader he has always held an interest for public service. Rito Sr. was mayor of our sister city in the early 1990's and served in other appointed and elected offices at the state of Coahuila and federal level in Mexico City.

Additionally, Aaron's uncle is respected local physician Victoriano Valdez, one of our community's limited medical professional assets.

"With my professional background I saw the MCHD board as a natural volunteer public service position where I can contribute to a better Maverick County and Eagle Pass," stated Valdez. "I am looking forward to meeting the challenges to bring expanded medical services and attracting professionals to our community for the betterment of all our citizens."

"One very important idea I would like to pursue is the establishment of a Residency Program for physicians who have graduated from medical school and need a few more years of on the job training," Valdez offered. "I envision MCHD taking the lead role in establishing this Residency Program in Eagle Pass and partnering with United Medical Center and Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center corporate owners Universal Health Systems. Naturally, we will need the cooperation of our exceptional established medical professionals who will be asked to join this partnership and welcome these young doctors into their private practices on a rotating basis to help alleviate their heavy workload. This will provide more and better services to patients while our young Resident doctors will gain valuable hands on experience in the real working environment of a private practice physician's office."

"Everybody wins when we accomplish this goal. Our community and the major medical organization are in need of additional specialized medical professionals and these young doctors are required to continue their studies under real life situations," explained the candidate.

"I support the ongoing MCHD board efforts to attract specialized health care services and professionals to our community and pledge to work closely to see all these efforts come to reality. Ultimately, our community needs and deserves specialized medical attention be available here eliminating the burdensome need for many of our people to travel long distances to be treated."

"In addition, I believe we can expand and improve preventive medicine programs that will encourage healthy lifestyles and over the long term save us money and lives," Valdez continued.

"This is my first time venturing into seeking a public elected office and I have to admit so far it has been humbling but rewarding because of the support expressed by so many voters. To those who have expressed your support I thank you and as I continue meeting with voters I hope to win your support with my abilities and my sincerity to serve the public."

"I respectfully ask for your vote and support during early voting from October 22 to November 2 and on election day November 6."

Pd. Pol. Adv. By Candidate


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